Sunday, March 15, 2009

Posted version 0.3 of the javascript-validator grails plugin

Hi All

I just posted version 0.3 of the javascript-validator plugin. This update adds support for validating data type conversions. Only numeric (integer and decimal) are supported at the moment.

So if you try set a non numeric value on a field that is an interger then you will get the standard error.



cake said...

This is a great plugin! Thanks so much for sharing it. I am really looking forward to see the next version.
BR from Germany

Amit said...

Thanks for sharing it. Its great.
But my matches contraint is not working on the client side.

class UserCommand {
String username

String password

static constraints ={
username matches:'[a-zA-Z]*'
password nullable:false


Tag :
jv:generateValidation command="userCommand" controller="user" form="userForm"

Could you plz lemno what is the prob?


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