Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Instant Admin Interface with Grails 1.1

Hi All

I think I have just had a great idea for an instant admin interface for my new Grails app. I have almost completed my new web app and was just thinking that I could really do with simple admin interface. So I came up with this idea.

I can pull out my current domain classes out into a plugin. I can then install this plugin into the main application. Then the main app is back to normal

Then i can create a new app called XXX-admin. I then install the domain classes plugin into the admin app then generate scaffold controllers/views for the domain.

This then gives me an instant admin interface.

Gonna try this out and will write again about how it goes.



tomas said...

Neat idea. An instant CMS.

How would you deal with cases where different widgets are needed for different screens with this plugin approach?

description( widget: textarea )

for one but

description( widget: richtexteditor )

for cms app.

Anonymous said...

And what about second level cache?

Peter Delahunty said...


You would have two different war files to deploy normal and admin. No conflict.


Second level cache is easy. Just use Ehcache with with distributed caching turned on. I have done several projects with it and it is works well.

Ted Naleid said...

I've done this on a couple of projects and it works very well. Especially in grails 1.1 with the ability to use the grails-app/conf/BuildConfig.groovy file to "install" the domain plugin by just referring to the directory. No need to manually "grails install-plugin".

There was a discussion on the grails mailing list about it last month, but not much feedback on the topic. I think your blog post is helpful in spreading this method as it's quite powerful.

mike said...

Cool... concept sounds interesting.